Two Chinese men identified as Yang Liang Ming, 41, and Wang Gui-Moi, 45 have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly raping their colleague, Jun Lan-Yin.  The suspects who were arrested after Lan-Yin filed a complaint with Area F Command, reportedly committed the offence while their victim was asleep on January 23. Continue Reading

China’s president, Xi Jinping has held a special meeting to address the spread of the deadly coronavirus. At the policy meeting, President Xi said the killer coronavirus spread is accelerating and that the nation faces a “grave situation.”  According to the TV report, resources and experts will be channelled toContinue Reading

A 19-year-old woman known as Ekaterina has  reportedly ‘sold her virginity’ for £1.02 million (1.2M Euro), according to the online escort agency who enlisted her services… Ekaterina originally from Ukraine, speaks English and Russia, and is nicknamed Katya on Cinderella Escorts, an online agency for escorts. In December, Katya revealedContinue Reading

A student was jailed on Friday, December 20, for urging her boyfriend to prove his love for her by killing his ex-girlfriend during a macabre plot ‘to prove himself’   Sarah Mohamed, 17, loitered outside the victim’s home in Openshaw, Manchester for two hours while she waited for her boyfriend, Rhett Carty-Shaw, also 17,Continue Reading

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has dismissed the impeachment charges against US President Donald Trump which he claimed were all made up.  Speaking during an annual press conference, Putin said he expects the US president to survive the historic proceedings. Describing the impeachment proceedings as political infighting, the Russian leader insisted that the Democrats were seekingContinue Reading

Many of President Trump’s critics are cheering on the House vote on impeachment that’s currently underway.  Many Americans are wishing the country a “Happy Impeachment Day!” and the House is poised to vote separately on two articles of impeachment namely abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  On social media, someContinue Reading

Pop Queen, Madonna, 61, is reportedly dating her 25-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams who has travelled the world with her.  The pair have been spotted together severally in recent months, and on Saturday (Dec.14) they appeared to confirm their relationship as they were pictured cosying up on a hotel balcony inContinue Reading