Heartbreaking footage of a monkey ‘being forced’ to lift weights and do press-ups by it’s trainer (photos/video)

A footage has emerged showing a mokey with a chain tied on it’s neck, being forced by it’s trainer to lift weights, dunk a basket ball and do sit-ups for tourists in Thailand.

The monkey named Ning Nang can be seen in the video released by Animal rights group, PETA Asia, lifting a mini barbell complete with weights above its head while it’s trainer counts in English.

Acording to PETA Asia, teeths of monkeys are removed at young age, so they can be forced to perform activities without being able to bite back or defend themselves against a trainer.

Jason Baker, a PETA Senior Vice President, said: “Videos like the one we’ve just released are helping to change public opinion.

“Forcing wild animals to perform is no longer the way to draw a crowd, but there’s still much work to be done.

All travel companies need to stop promoting cruel shows and zoos, and tourists should stop buying tickets to them, opting instead to see animals in their natural habitats-the only place where they belong.”

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