Man, 29, is charged with stabbing Muslim prayer leader at a London mosque

A 29-year-old man has been charged after he allegedly stabbed a 70-year-old Muslim prayer leader inside a London mosque. 

The suspect, Daniel Horton was charged with Section 18 grievous bodily harm, GBH, and possession of a bladed article on Friday.  He is due to appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Saturday.  

Mr. Horton was on Thursday arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after he stormed into the London Central Mosque and stabbed the Muslim prayer leader as he called worshippers to afternoon prayers.

The stabbed victim, Raafat Maglad, 70, was taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries and he was discharged following treatment. 

On Friday the Muslim leader returned to the mosque after being treated and said he has forgiven his attacker.

‘I forgive him. I feel no hatred for him, he’s a human being and what happened to me is my fate.

‘However, the law must be implemented. All I can remember is someone approaching me from behind and then feeling great pain in my neck.

‘He did not say anything to me. It was a really deep cut. I rushed myself out of the room and someone rushed me to hospital.

‘I’m still in pain but I wanted to come here today and pray. I felt it was important to do that but now I’m returning to hospital. I don’t know the man. I have seen him in the mosque before but I don’t know much about him

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