Everything That Will Happen On today’s Valentine Day

1. Valentine day could be a day of new veneral disease

2. People will surely experience heart breaks during Valentine’s day

3 Some People will have diarrhea as a result of Valentine enjoyment

4. Huge risk shall be taken and some people will surely fall victims

5. In relationships, Shocking and amazing things will happen and revealed.

6.Valentine day celebration could turn out to be psycho to some people.

7. Excitement could lead to death for some people. if they are not careful

8. Someone will be poisoned during Valentine’s day.

9. You could be force to do things you shouldn’t do.

10. Friends will be betrayed during Valentine’s day

11. Disrespect of elders will be experienced

12. You could find that who you are dating in fact is a monster.

13, most of our girls will turn baby mamas.

Valentine is all about showing love and being Happy.

So try as much as you can to be safe and happy.

Wishing you all a successful and happy Valentine’s day

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