Many would opine that Vector had put an end to MI’s career with his scathing tracks directed fully at MI. After considering the whole fiasco I agree there were some major ecclesiastical accusations leveled against each other from both parties that was lead constituent of their beef. One is ENVY. The other is JEALOUSY.
They both seem compelling to believe at first look, but a second look at it won’t hurt. Rene Descartes was credited with the adage: when two people bandy words or fall into bitter argument with each other, one of the two is more robust with ideas, fact and is also edging towards having the truth.
Let us look at the gravity of allegations in order to reach a final decision of the winner of the beef. We’ll be looking at them under the microscopic lens of the causes of said beef: Envy and Jealousy.


This is what Vector accuses MI of. On his instagram page, and other media rounds, vector insinuates that MI has envied him right after he made that record smashing freestlye –freestyling for half of half of a dozen hours. A tweep in fret of Vector’s record questioned if the milestone reached up to his throne to sack him, or the throne is still worth more than just a three hours freestyle. MI in response said: Vector might be the best freestyler we have in Nigeria, I’m not bad though. I’m a better writer than a freestyler. The statement is ambiguous only to the shallow minded, or to be polite, the average thinker, considering the existing rivalry between both parties’ fans. MI meant he himself was a better writer than freestyler, asserting that his deliberate creative side precedes his spontaneous creative side. Vector already locked it up as an envy tweet from MI which he(vector) considered deigning, without leaving a room for other possibile and plausible interpretations. This is inclement of a person who regards himself a thinker.

A thinker who is not aware that in problem of language, it is embedded that the communicator and the receipent of that which was communicated could have a militating position on a sentence, is not sufficient enough with his thoughts and is rather strutting around the whole arena with his cliche ability to put two and two together to make four. A thinker of course is someone who thinks, but those who can be rightfully labeled thinkers are those who are heroes to their societies and have helped in erecting civilization of any kind to stand on balance feet.

The next less compelling evidence there was, was an excerpt from a song MI released in 2016 on his infamous mix tape titled ILLEGAL MUSIC III. In it, MI rapped “To the headies wassup wassup
You my fam tho I wish you the best of luck
You’ve been a blessing to the game to lots of us
But that lyricist award mehn we got to talk
Not tryna say I deserve to play
Cause I f*ck with everyone who emerged in that
The criteria of the win it doesn’t favour the men
Spitting new raw shit that’s word and facts
Speaking from the heart ma pace maker
Ain’t scared of ruffling feathers if it may save the
Game one more time let’s just do it
End of the day mehn it’s just music.”

Ofcourse, the latter lines of this verse could fit as a jab to vector, but then again, the mathematician complained of his apprentice’s foolishness on the account that after measuring the size of a hole, he asked the apprentice to render an accurately measured lid that would help cover the hole, but deliberately, with the manifold number of shapes there are on earth, the mathematician elected his apprentice decides what shape is suitable for the the hole in checking the effect of their everyday classes, the apprentice ends up making a rectangular lid for a spherical hole. This apprentice takes vector. Always omitting the simple device of enquiring one last time before making invigorative conclusions. We could see that there were things the apprentice got accurately, but one last enquiry, would have spayed the narrative.
An insider from MI’s camp, Debbie said MI had recorded the track in 2013, the year modenine won the lyricist on the roll. I will not hesitate to undoubt this, because MI is known for hoarding songs. For instance, two tracks off of his Rendezvous playlist were recorded in 2014 but was released in 2018. KOSOSHI with the angelic wandecoal and ON CODE with the odious but phenomenal rapper AKA. If this applies, then it tallies with the manual of logic. MI treated two themes on that song. The NOTJUSTOK best rappers list and the HEADIES. In 2013, Notjustok gave MI the sixth seat on the best rapper throne, leaving iceprince and phyno above him. It is safe to believe that truly, the track was recorded in 2013 in that he couldn’t have dealt simultaneously with what happened in 2013 and beginning of 2016 in one song he released in 2016 when he had other songs before 2016. Vector won lyricist on the roll in January 2016, MI dropped the mix tape in February 2016.

Let’s say MI actually recorded the track in respect of Vector’s win, was it not glaring that MI took the shots at the organizers and not the receipent of the award? For this case, many people have rebel against some award categories because of their insipid criteria for bagging the award. Many have complained of the next rated category because, year by year, the criteria seems to vary. For instance, the year Asa won, she was a solo nominee. Nobody else emerged on the nominee list, reasons best known to them. There were other artists hot and buzzing the year Asa won the award but how she only made the nominee list is still a mirage today. In subsequent years, artists circled round to battle for the award. The years the winner is most likely predictable because of obvious reasons, like having the most hit, the most numbers on streaming services and obviously bigger fan base, the less regarded player emerges the winner. The next rated category, as perceived by many should be the artist who has the tendency of having longetivity in the industry. If it so, then it is a gravious fallacy of the most degree to ever be committed. What yardstick would they use in knowing the future of an artist? With a Galileo gadget? Or with a help of the native Doctor who can’t predict his next lunch?.
They also sometimes use the voting system, but the results are always found wanton. The public asks questions about the criteria for the win and so, MI did.

Overdose, the artist who won it in 2007 would sound like a foreign name to almost anyone familiar with the Music Industry. The best argument for this award category is the simple take that the person with the most hit songs has earned the award. if this award category can be this controversial, how about what MI rapped about? Should we instantly fleet the accusation of envy into the air he breathes or should we not listen to him fair hearing?

The Hennessy deal. The Hennessy deal as MI rapped on the viper, he was saying that he was telling Hennessy to pay the rappers rapping. But this is not the clear picture of this accusation. A tweep compared MI’s cypher with Hennessy’s that has vector the mayor over the cypher. MI rather told then tweep back that he wanted the job because “Hip Hop needed better curation”. Vector saw this as an envious attack at his job, because why should MI want his job? A logic diminutive of stupid because he ruled out the possibility of them working together. Only core Hip Hop fans knew vector annually anchored rap cyphers, but only “core” Hip Hop fans knew that. MI came with two significant rap cyphers this year, courtesy of Martell, and virtually every body downloaded it. The neophytes, the witty, the poets enrolled the cyphers for their playlist. A miracle for Hip Hop cyphers in a country where the most audience wants to dance away the effects of the government’s folly on their lives.

Moreover, MI once had the Hennessy deal. He dealt with Hennessy for more than three years, alongside NaetoC and a host of other celebrities. In 2013, MI was chosen among BankW, Tiwa savage and jesse jagz to visit France for a concert hosted by Hennessy. The cypher vector anchors now, MI once had the job of doing that. He was dubbed to handle the cypher in 2012 with NaetoC. They released a theme song titled “Bartender”.

why should MI, with his current upgraded status envy what he had before?. The envy accusation suffers fact paralysis.


When one reads of the evidences MI presented as reasons why vector took beefing him as project, one would tend to believe without instinct that MI was telling the stark truth. Let’s see.
MI begins by throwing back to the track vector had rapped “you can’t mess with me because I stay grounded like MI Abaga”. This is not jealousy per se. If anything, it is best excused as a clickbait. The fact that it was on the same track MI appeared that vector left that line had the whole thing nausea laden. A pragmatist would tell anyone defending this point to do three things. First: quote vector’s line to a stranger who is short and would fit that punchline. The second: to quote same punchline to a familiar person. Third: weigh their reactions. In common sense application, the stranger would stump fists of blows on his face if he got very unlucky with a short tempered stammerer. The familiar one would subject it to joke because they already won each others sentiment a long time ago. This is clearly the case of MI vs Vector in this context.
Flowing from here, vector had been dissing the chocolate city boss clandestinely on different tracks. Tracks like, ‘this vector sef’ and ‘define rap’. Vector would rap on DEFINE RAP saying: “And blowing on me she says it’s feeling like she’s blowing satan
And i don’t care who’s on the track, everybody getting left back
As long as your a rapper, fvck kpinku, let’s rap
How do i define rap? Break it down simple
V E C T O R ba, Simple
This is rap and i don’t trust you all
Am dope enough to say fvck you all
If you got a problem with me, meet me don’t tweet me
It’ll be nice to see a pvssy muarfvcker
Out street me
Is you with it
This is what i do for you
As there is nothing ya’ll can do for me
So check your time line, anytime a blogger’s tryna trend
Impression usually is, all of you or me”.
While on “this vector sef”, he rapped: “
On THIS VECTOR SEF, he rapped:
“Falling in too deeper with my vice
Happen eh
Happen eh
Happen eh
Kilon happen eh
Happen eh
Happen eh
Alaye you know say no be moi moi
Hennessy you know say no be kai Kai
Kilon happen eh
Happen eh
Happen eh
Kilon happen eh
Happen eh
Happen eh
Sho ri yin ò pé ni !

I don’t mean arogunmenite »
You be d former I’ll be the “or” dior (wow)
How christian is that
And see my girl is the st, she on that Louboutin (huh) How christian is that? Well i see pastors engaging forces with voodoo rings Am like fk how christian is that »
See you knew from the start when i was realing u were bitching
And that’s the only reason why u take money from politicians
See we know you’re politicking
When u acting tough
Your story no longer lifting
Why you acting buff
You don’t inspire
The relevance on any level that you desire
Would be stupid
If you knew
Art doesn’t really expire
Meaning you no longer see your self as art
Oh shit L.O.L see this man – he a fraud…
We are not on d same level”. One would see the well hidden Jabs at MI, but enlightenment will tell that since it was furtively done, conclusion can’t be finalized that MI owned them. But we know he’s most likely referring to MI because MI is perceived by many as the most relevant, MI himself emphasizes his relevance in the Music Industry a lot. The difference between sending jabs at he who says he posses a throne would be different from he who is a regular person.
When ‘the viper’ came out, bloggers uploaded saying “after dissing him for years, MI finally responds to vector.”
These are click baits upon click baits that would seem inspired by jealousy. When it happens that the wretch in a society who’s been elected by his clan to represent at the council would ignorantly suggest that the richest man should have his wealth shared into different halves. A part for himself(the wealthy man), and the other part be used for tax to foster societal development, despite operating a capitalist democracy system of politics where everyone is given the chance to accrue much individual riches that satisfies the lust. The poor councilor has an innate grudge against the rich man which appears as jealously but sheaths it under “suggesting a better alternative for societal development”. This is the form vector’s actions take. A vivid series of click bait, inspired by?


As the beef kicked off, it came with a response from vector, courtesy of mi’s second Martel cypher. But since the cypher is not directly a diss track, this writer decides not to consider it.


The track comes off with somewhat heavy bass beating, with a sound of siren blaring at the background, put there by the aesthetic instinct of the producer. This beat goes in constant rhythm as it began the track. Two rappers rapped already. Vector comes in with a pause, then whistles like a man busy tapping wine at the top of his tree but is interrupted by the folly of his son, who he now has to address. He raps: “This is the tale of a fool
Who’s thinking how to make a name
So he picks two letters
Then adopted king James
And made it a good set up
From a basketballer’s name
But How do you go from “Lebron” to becoming a “Chairman”?
This is insane
Am I the only one seeing
This shit is backwards?”. Vector trickishy puts MI in a box. He ridicules Jude’s stage name by making it appear as if choosing two letters was a bad idea. The two letters are acronym for “MR INCREDIBLE”. One would ponder on these lines for a Second and see a creative attempt. Yes, MI says he’s King James and even qualifies his lyrical dexterity with LeBron’s on a basketball pitch. But King James once upon a time ruled England. The king who translated the Bible to English language. MI would have associated himself as the king of rap to reign of James in England. This is clearly a figurative claim by MI that could be played with by anybody. He drags this claim into an atmosphere bereft of metaphors by asking how a King James has returned to being a chairman, and enquires why others except he, are not considering it backward. A chairman is One presides over a group of group people on a project or even in a governmental body. The rap genre is not a governmental body, but though could be enjoyed by the government, is a group of people who talk in metaphors and alliteration which has now become a genre of music where MI says he’s head over. Of course, everything should have been left under the umbrella of metaphor which it came with to float into the listeners’ ear Peacefully, but vector’s literal question deserves likewise literal answer. Claiming to be chairman and King James at the same time is not backwards. It is just the politics in semantics vector took advantage of. Some Societies call their leaders kings, some president, Prime Minister, Governor, mayor. There is identity politics here too,but the bottom line is: they are leaders. Eventually, the punchline when visited the second time has cosmetic appearance it glitters but isn’t gold.

“your dumb fans are dumb sha”
An unwise move from vector. A second thought would have had him realize that they both can possibly share the same fan base. But luck is not always on his side when he thinks. It somewhere sits in his heart that there’s a dichotomy between his fans and MI’s, similar to Davido and Wizkid, hence including the fanbase. But he unconsciously validate MI’s claim of jealousy and shows his yearn and thirst for a competition. He adhered to the vapidity of Stan culture.

“African rapper number one my ass
Boy the flavor left”.
The pun here is very creative one which involves One of MI’s biggest song titled AFRICAN RAPPER NUMBER 1 featuing flavor. The pun is predictable and is average.

A second aim at the chairman with badly moulded punchlines that turned the entire rap scene off. In his defence, he said it was a recorded freestyle back in 2017. A that time, there wasn’t an open beef between them, but vector already had a freestyle diss that would fit as an MI diss? One person’s claim has to be more compelling.


Trumpet blows heavily, as if signalling the world but it is for one person. The voice is like that of a nightingale serenading who has come to seek for help in an insulting way. He moves against the insults but still offers to help. The sound suggests an atmosphere of constant
hysterical climax. The sound remains sonical. The beat goes clicky coaster. The words are proverbial. The
entire track is declared addictive and the better diss by popular opinion. But in it beholds a very clingy line that
should have been left tacenda.. “You came with chickens to my spot but didn’t buy chicken
Let your niggas fly, it’s my spot, y’all can eat free food. The attempt at a word play was
corny and predictable which should not be for an a-list rapper.”


A direct response to the viper. The Instrumentalist is good. The noise he produces as he places his finger tips on keys are soft. As his fingers begin to press at calculated intervals, vector begins to rap, making the track listenable. He made some claims that had MI appear as a betrayer to his brother and those whoever worked with him. The allegations are heavy and instantly believing without logical evidences and testimonies from parties involved would be a fall from enlightenment.
Verse 1
“Jesse Jagz you’re my buddy, I couldn’t do this in a hurry
But the truth about your brother’s been blurry
So sometime in this sermon
I’ll say some uncomfortable facts
To show his fans, their GOAT is really a Rat
Let’s start the lecture with a brace yourself
I know if you encountered you, you will hate yourself
Who are the rappers that I put on?
Many more, plus two out of your three
And I didn’t sign anything, I did it all for free
Since you were scratching on the surface like you’re DJ Lambo
How bout the guns we brought to help one become Rambo
The next one I did a feature with, trended years ago
Still mentioned it in a tweet, and it trended on the go
So what am I supposed to do? Sign a man I wouldn’t sign?
I don’t do politics music, leaving people suffering behind
The Yoruba people have a saying “Eni da’le lo ba’le lo”
M-‘Bode is leaving with VisionScape, o ye ko ba’le lo
You call yourself a teacher but your students failed in real life
Your brother was such a gift you (w)rapped away from the light
I mean you claim helping people who are struggling to make it
Hmm .. Well, Jesse is struggling to make it
You dey Lagos, you dey floss, Chairman sir, you na boss
But your brother went from Lagos to Ondo, then to Jos
Choc City went down from all that fuckboy antics
The last I checked, Jesse was in a Choc Boy mansion
But since your Big Brother evicting him is part of the game”. The early part of the diss describes MI as a traitor to his brother. But the claims are not viable. The first time jesse jagz exited chocolate city was in 2013 when he made the public announcement saying:

“‘I, Jesse Garba Abaga (also known as ‘Jesse Jagz’) an artist formerly signed to Chocolate City Music label hereby wishes to notify my fans and the general public about my voluntary exit from the label.
After my initial two year contractual agreement with Chocolate City, I do not wish to renew my contract with them and as such have proceeded to continue my music career with my new team at Jesse Jagz Nation.
I still maintain a cordial relationship with the management ofChocolate City and my former label mates and I wish them the best in all their future endeavours.
Any further information will be passed across through my publicist but until then, have a good day. Look out for my sophomore album JagZNation Vol. 1 coming out in July 2013′.

Everyone was in shock, including his elder brother. Jesse exited the label because his patience for how they dealt with the affairs of his career had gotten exhausted to the limit. Chocolate City have a one-year/one-artiste project run’, a Chocolate City staff reveals.
(2008-2009 was M.I, then ’09-’10 was Jesse, ’10-’11 was M.I again, ’11-’12 was Ice Prince, ’12-’13 was for Brymo, this year’s run ’13-’14 was meant to be for Jesse Jagz), according to pulse ng. But he(jesse)complained of neglect and decided to leave the label in return to frustrate them. At this time, Audu Maikori was the head of chocolate city music. MI did not have any power to evict anybody. When Jesse was asked why he left chocolate city and if MI was by any means involved, he reiterated again that MI had nothing to do with it, rather, he said he left for personal evaluation. He needed to purge himself of what and what didn’t apply to him that somehow found way into his existence. He also affirmed that his relationship with the team was still strong as sometimes, his daughter always went to their houses holidaying. In 2014, he went back to chocolate city after releasing his “jagz of all trade vol.1&2.” in 2016 jesse left chocolate city along with iceprince to float their independent labels. Chocolate city in this regard was to house two sub labels: super cool cat and jagz nation. When asked again if he had personal issues with his brother, he said “I have sibling issues with my brother just like you have with your sibling. I’m even the outstanding brother who had a kid at 19. I don’t have issues with MI”.Here are some pictures from the sub label launch below: .

The claim that MI evicted Jesse jagz from chocolate city is inaccurate, an innuendo that has no bearing.
In answering MI’s question on who he has ever put on, vector goes on to mention rappers who have paid money for features and is left to fulfill his obligatory function which includes uploading or notifying his followers. with the advent of social media, one who is featured on a song is also expected to publicize the song because it was their work too. Saying he tweeted his feature in a song is not equivalent to “putting on”. For instance: according to a Star Trek concert organizer, with the username @ufoma on instagram, she wrote: MI brought phyno in his early days to a crowd of over five thousand crowd to perform. But because they were late to the concert, the minutes elected for upcoming singers had elapsed. MI begged the organizer to give phyno a chance, but they were rigid with their plan. Out of the 40 minutes reserved for MI’s performance, he gave ten minutes to phyno. The crowd cheered at his performance, and today, he is ezege. A picturesque meaning of “putting on”. Here are some images of her texts below:

“so what am I supposed to do? Sign a man I would not sign, I don’t do politics music”
After saying he featured on some artists’ song, he goes on to say that he wouldn’t have signed them because he doesn’t do politics music. But a recap at AQ’s distraction written on behalf of vector, if taken seriously, has AQ cancel the claim of ever putting him on. AQ featured vector back in 2016 when he had beef with reminisce. Vector thought it as the best time to respond to what Reminisce had earlier dropped. A diss track would definitely make waves, especially from two popular rappers. But if vector feels he put AQ on because he dissed reminisce on AQ’s song and it trended averagely, then vector obviously doesn’t understand the simple statement bereft of complex diction “put on”. AQ said:
“even though you lied to me, said the song was for the kids
I dropped a verse inspired by the Don Jazzy tweet
Then you jumped in the booth and started dissing Reminence
Still I put it out, just before, I tweaked the lines for free »
On the phone with your mama, your nerve could not hold the beef”.
This is not a good example of who he has put on. It is also a failed response to the big question.

“you talked about YSG, but I lost everything in my life to them except my pulse”
The best punchline in the entire beef from both parties. Vector had issues with Ysg his former record label. He was not happy with the record label’s oligopolies, and so he proceeded to court. The court’s verdict did not favor him either, as he has always said in interviews. According to him in Freeze’s interview , it made him angrier and less patient in dealing with people. He lost a lot. But everyone is not YSG. This affirms his paranoia.

“See, I don’t know about you
But I’m the only number 1 from the 234″
The writer just thinks this is a cringy wordplay. If I were asked in a literature class to give an example of a wordplay, quoting this would give mixed reaction. The professor wouldn’t certainly be moved about it. He’ll only accept it as wordplay, but he won’t enlist it among his best wordplay examples from his class.
“And Brymo’s exit ushered in the cc stress”

A gigantic lie. Brymo’s exit never stressed chocolate city. As the world would see, they kept on producing buzzing artists like Femi Kuti, Dice Ailes, koker, Blaqbonez, and the BET award winning Ice prince. In fact, On 8 December 2011, parent company Chocolate City Group won the African Awards for Entrepreneurship, beating over 3,300 applicants from 48 countries in Africa to clinch the runner-up prize, thereby making history as the first entertainment company to win the prize since 2007.
Chocolate City won the “Best music Label of the year” for City people award. Is there stress in winning??

“The only light in the room is blaq/black”.

A good wordplay that would attract a thumb up from a literateur.The light in a room can never be black but pun code permits the wordplay to be effective since black is replaced for blaq and chocolate city is the center of discourse and blaqbonez is a signee.
“And ice prince left to become a cool cat”
Ice prince was a cool cat in chocolate city for seven years, he left in 2016 to float his label SUPER COOL CAT with the help of chocolate city.

“You called yourself a teacher but your students are failing in real life”.

There is a Benin adage that explains this situation. They say “shit dey laugh mess” a diminutive of “kettle calling a pot black”. Vector still hasn’t provided any act he has put on to the mainstream level, instead, he said many more plus two in your label. One has already debunked the claim, while the other affirmed the claim. But the other who affirmed the claim, would he too still say MI did not put him on? Who would he even prefer to be with. The answer is Clear. He was with vector for sometime, but we didn’t know him. Now he’s under MI , his singles are attracting a over million eyeballs’ attention. Saying iceprince has failed is nauseous to the ears because ice prince holds beautiful records like: the first African artist to have his video premiere on Tidal. The most viewed African hip-hop song on YouTube. The most remixed hip-hop song in Africa. First Nigerian rapper to win BET. Has failure changed its definition to mean success?

“stop calculating money by the amount of money I make because success to me is a man knowing himself and you can’t relate to that because it is on top of the shelf”

This kind of quote is what you will hear from he who is following something religiously, but isn’t aware of its harm and is not ready to go back on it. In the late medieval period, the church sold the gospel of virtue for different reasons. One was to keep the poor in the same state of poverty as against present day societal codes as one could augment from his/her current state. The other was to make them appear as good. The wrongest mistake for a 21st century individual is to go live by that quote and begin to complain of slow influx of cash. Things are in a state of flux, and throwing back to the days that are night now to pick up an ideology is suggesting that idiocy is being magnimous with he who does that. Success is reaching the peak of your career by common measures. Personalizing success is a bland logic that will have a poor man join the conversation of success stories. More so, people with this ideology tend to believe that they are the best on earth because of their altruistic nature. It is wrong because they have been subjected to asceticism and the effect of asceticism seeks mental pleasure. Mental pleasure here would take a bad look because shutting down sensual pleasure would only create a paranoid narcisstic monster who believe they live with the best attitude. They expect everyone to be altruistic like them but in turn, people oppose their altruism and it is at this point the effect of mental pleasure does the bad job. Vector rapped “tell me any rapper you have helped without making gain”. Forcing altruism down MI’s throat.

“you went to Abuja a lot, advertised your ass a lot and came back with more money, but let the story be that”

MI had a long time girlfriend named Erica. She worked at chocolate city at some point before the couple broke up. Here is a picture of the couple below:

Vector hinted that MI was gay. Even if MI was gay, it was still fool hardiness that led him that line because biological evidences have proven homosexuality is also a type of sexuality and in 2019, homosexuality is not a debate in developed world. There are recorded cases of homosexuality among other mammals. Unlike the untrue bias of it being man’s lust. For a man who believes he’s reasonable should not be clogged with societal follies.


The viablilty of all vector’s tracks are not convincing. It is tiptoeing around insincerity and got it’s attention. The power intensive allegations are easily seen as chaff truth. when zoomed into. The lines he weaponized in attacking his rival sent all fingers pointing back at him because there’s absolutely nothing to reckon with. Virtually all the lines have very strong contradictions. He tried to sell them to the fans because he believed many would not go through the rigorous process of researching.
It is very common among humans to be always intellectually lazy everytime there is something up for discussion and reasoning. They surrender their reasoning to the hero of their fantasies, leaving them with the option of selling them what they want. The result is easily gotten, you can look to the street and see them. Aristotle, despite his reputation, is full of logical nonsensical fallacies. He says that children should be conceived
in the Winter, when the wind is in the North, and that if people marry too young the children will be
female. He tells us that the blood of females is blacker than that of males; that the pig is the only
animal liable to measles; that an elephant suffering from insomnia should have its shoulders rubbed
with salt, olive-oil, and warm water; that women have fewer teeth than men, and so on. Nevertheless,
he is considered by the great majority of philosophers a paragon of wisdom. All these could have been avoided if one of them challenged him by requesting for Mrs Aristotle’s blood and also ask him to count his wife’s teeth. or if men born of young couples came out and told him their birthdays. Plato said men who don’t chase knowledge in this life would come back in the next life as a woman. Observable premises were ignored because the people trusted their heroes. it is in this same regard Vector sold to his fans the “sell out” version of MI, even when evidences were all over the place. Some went on to hold MI for people who left chocolate city before he became their leader, and the ones whose contract had expired without doing renewing. Some mentioned Koker who had before hand told the press that his contract with chocolate city expired and he was In great relationship with them.

Milli came out to tweet about how he had to pay to leave chocolate city. A guy who went against label rules severally, nearly beat up his A&R manager, he’d sneakily go to media houses and pay them chicken change to play his records, an act against the record label. He would not go for his video shoots. He was a bone in MI’s neck who should have been a bone in Satan’s neck, so his success could come quickly. I wouldn’t have such an artist under me, and so MI sent him off chocolate city. To leave a contract without fulfilling everything the contract had agreed, one has to pay “Buyout clause” to balance both sides of the pan. He had released songs and an album under chocolate city with their full sponsorship which should have attracted gains and profits in return, but his attitudinal problem became paramount issue and they asked him to go. In trying to win, he begins to feign innocence and many people gets entrapped in his fakeloo. This was when vector said “one day, the people you claim to help will begin to speak up/ you want to put twenty Milli on the table, we saw how you wasted a Milli.
It is widely believed now that MI is a complete sell out without logical evidences, but with mere emotional antics, and sheer advantage of the ignorant using wafer The world is more populated by herds of unintelligent mobs, who have sunk deep into a vacuum of ignorance, prescribed by their unlooking nature and you can look down the streets and see the result. They say religiously that MI sold his brother off for money as if they have accurate evidences to adumberate their claims. It is easy to instigate the poor against the rich. It just takes about few lines of a good fabricated story, a little or even more theatrics and a huge number of unapologetic blockheads to believe the story. Vector took advantage of this and made it happen in order to win the beef. MI already said “win in life”. Vector’s gimmicks are easily spotted in his interviews. He has the ego of one who gives his life to asceticism, denying himself of sensual pleasure but engaging more in mental pleasures. It extends to his eccentric nature, but the bad side of it, believing that he’s mostly hated in the industry because he doesn’t engage in their games. The result of this ideology is usually very bad in a system where you should actually play game, or doom is bound. The virtue gospel evangelism, for instance: i don’t do politics music, would work for people in communist states where they don’t have to sweat to get what they want. Unlike in a capitalist state where one builds his record label from scratch to desired peak without anybody’s help and then one signee begins to preach virtuous messages against the aristo-policies, takes the matter to court and court dismisses it because judges in court are mostly the most learned in societies.

There are just those who are worried about the logical strength of these claims, the logical qualification of these claims. The logicio-mathematical facts demanding evidencists who can see beneath the mask and can calculate the observations from actions have found vector with tenuous logical proofs to his argument, we therefore demand watertight undeniable evidences such as: we demand for undeniable fact such as the sun is hot, so that anybody who doubts it can go up to the sky and feel its temperature and also be certain of it. Mere weaving of lies to win diss is rather the attitude of the rat he’s preaching against. Pusha T would not have won Drake if Drake’s son claims were lies.
MI is forced to believe all the click baits have innate links to jealousy. If the unnecessary sneak dissing wasn’t continuous, he would have left less chances to be accused of jealousy.
MI snubbed collaborations with vector because of reasons known to him. But common sense would prompt one to believe it is because of disses sent out without apology or even remorse that he(mi) stalled the collaboration. Many unintelligent men will say it is because he has Vectorphobia, meaning the fear of vector. They forget MI has featured lyrical rappers like Sarkodie, Aka, Cassper Nyovest, phenom, yungsix, and even the unreleased track with popular ether crooner, Nas. How much more Vector?
At this juncture, we see no winner for this skirmish,but someone with a more compelling argument, evidently MI.

Written by
Paul Chuks


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